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Finca Rotondo Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Merlot



Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot blend create a wine that is very approachable. Cabernet based wine it has the structure of a dry wine. The malbec gives it the roundness in the palate and the merlot helps it finish balanced with round tannins. The finish leaves a good presence both on the palate and on the nose, this three-variety blend is very versatile.

Finca Rotondo is the luxury brand from Bodega Viña Vieja. Under this flagship brand the Rotondo Family invite us to enjoy and cultivate the unforgettable moments that life offers us, accompanying them with an excellent wine

Bodega Viña Vieja was founded in 1885. It is currently a modern family located in the wine making district of Chincha, Peru

Type of Wine: Red Wine
Winery Finca Rotondo
Country: Perú
Region: Ica Perú
Grapes: Merlot Cabernet
Aromas Wild fruits, strawberries, sour cherries and cherries

Under its flagship brand, the Rotondo family invite us to enjoy and cultivate the unforgettable moments that life offers us, accompanying them with an excellent wine or pisco.

For this, the winemaker has directed the best resources of the winery to achieve wines and piscos that reflect the kindness, qualities and friendship of the Rotondo

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